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Thoughts are energy. Your body is a manifestation of the thoughts of your sub-conscious mind. By combining Hypnosis, Reiki and Chakra Balancing, these three powerful methods of healing provide an even more effective treatment for anxiety, stress and pain. If you are suffering, you can give yourself permission to let go of the pain. As old emotions come to the surface for release, the energy is recycled, the chakras start flowing in harmony, and positive change can finally take effect!

Note: All sessions include a full report on the state of your energy.

About HypnoChaKi ®

Shift your reality into a state of joy and wellness…
The Butterfly
The purpose of the life of
a butterfly is to embrace
an entire new way of being.
Because of it’s own
metamorphosis from
caterpillar to a light and
carefree butterfly, it
symbolizes a powerful
transformation, personal
change, gracefully moving
through lifecycles, renewal
and rebirth, expansion,
positive growth, and bringing
joy and color back into your
life so you too can fly!