I n t u i t i v e  E m p a t h  -  W h o l e n e s s  P r a c t i t i o n e r  -  H y p n o t h e r a p i s t
"Su, I was going through a low ebb in my life and your reading sure gave me strength..."
"Truely gifted in so many ways..."
"So nice to get some confirmation and insight..."
"You're accuracy never fails to surprise me..."
"Bless your heart for putting so much effort into my reading.
You clearly have a gift..."
"Thoughtful , intuitive messages that are spot on. I'll be back for more and tell my friends too!"
Intuitive Insight And Coaching Session
Healing Sessions
In addition to the clarity, wisdom and insight I provide using the gifts that I've developed and honed through decades of experience as an empath and intuituve, during my sessions I connect with my guides and yours. We read your energy and bring forth information and guidance to assist you on your path. You have always had the power - we facilitate the remembering, and give you the tools you need to take charge of your own empowerment.
60-Minute Reading: £222.00
Healing sessions include balancing the chakras and aura with rainbow sparkling energy, a Reiki treatment, and a full report sent via email on the state of your energy. A 15-minute follow up call via zoom is also included.
60-Minute Session: £111.00
HypnoChaKi ®
90-Minute Session: £222.00
Combine a Healing Session with a 30-Minute Intuitive Reading: £188.00
Soul Calibration Reading
Services can be provided in person or long distance via phone or videochat!
Vortex Energy Clearing
Reading: £222.00
90-Minute Session: £111.00
My no-nonsense approach allows me to use my integrity and compassion to provide you information you may not want to hear, but the Universe and your Higher Self know you really need to hear.
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As always, you should never follow the guidance or advice you receive from anybody if it truly doesn’t resonate with you. (Although you may have been given accurate information, you may simply have more to learn from your current situation – even if it does mean making a mistake.) Use your discernment and when it comes right down to it, follow your own intuition!
Note: Dollar amounts are approximations and will fluctuate slightly along with the value of the pound.
and soul…
over matter…
Included is a twenty-one day clearing prayer that empowers you to be in charge of your own healing work! Your reading (and prayer) will be transcribed and sent via email.
Hypnotherapy Sessions
60-Minute Session: £122.00
Sessions are via zoom. They're recorded, then emailed to you within 24/48 hours.
Receive a 30 minute intuitive reading, followed by an hour long energy healing. During the reading we will identify any energetic blocks, then work on clearing them during the healing. Sessions are held via zoom.
Pleiadian Energy Session
Reading: £111.00
Relax as I guide you into your sacred healing space, channeling healing frequencies through light language to assist in dissolving and releasing limiting beliefs and blocks. Your aura will be cleansed with sparkling rainbow energy, leaving you feeling empowered, refreshed, recharged and renewed. Sessions are held and recorded via zoom, then emailed to you.
Intutive Guidance And Healing Package
Reading: £444.00
This package includes two 30-minute intuitive guidance sessions. In the first one we'll locate your blocks and reveal any limiting beliefs. What we discover will be addressed during three energy healing sessions (an hour each), one every month for three months. After the final session we'll follow up with the second intuitive reading. All sessions are recorded and emailed to you.
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